Drug Testing Services

Veterinary Toxicology and Drug Testing: supporting the pari-mutuel dog and horse racing industries, as well as Livestock Shows, Horse Puller events, Show Horse events, Pigeon Racing, and Sled Dog Races through broad spectrum screening tests for prohibited medications and confirmation analyses using GC-MS or LC-MS techniques to provide our clients with legally defensible data.

Call us if you need:

  • Contracted Testing for Racing Jurisdictions
  • Split Sample / Referee Sample Testing
  • Drug Testing for a livestock show, pigeon race, sled dog race, equine competitive event, ect.

Please contact us at (303) 287-9691 if you need more information about our drug-screening services.

New Customers, Please use Veterinary Chain of Custody Form
and Sample Submission Form For Drug Test

Food Testing, Dietary Supplements, Herbal Products, and other pharmaceutical compounds:

We also provide drug-screening services to the food, dietary supplement, herbal remedy producers, sports nutrition industries, and the consumers / users of these products. If you are concerned about deliberate contamination of a product with one or more pharmaceutical preparations or accidental contamination, please call us – we can help!

We offer:

  1. Banned Substance Screening using IOC classification system
  2. Target testing for specific compounds, for example Viagra®
  3. Drug Screening by class, for example Stimulant screening, Narcotic Analgesic screening, Bronchodilator screening, Diuretic screening, Beta Blocker screening, etc.
  4. Identification of unknown tablets, pills, powders, and other pharmaceutical preparations
  5. Screening analysis of syringes and other paraphernalia