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Industrial Laboratories is a close-knit family oriented company. We believe in personal contact and interaction. When you call Industrial Laboratories you will not receive an automated receptionist. Instead we believe it is important that you get to speak directly with one of our representatives. We want to get you the answers you need as quickly as we can so that you can get to work, by speaking with one of our team members, we can expedite this process.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance at Industrial Laboratories. The ingredient lists you send us, the products you are making, the data we send to you, all of it is treated strictly with the most confidential ideals in mind. IL is aware that this is your business and in many cases your livelihood, thus we treat your information with care. No information for any reason is shared with other clients, mailing lists, and/or trade organizations. The information that IL generates for you is yours and yours only, it is never released to any other parties unless you have instructed us to do so. All of our data is maintained securely on site and off site via a third party with tamper evident security measures and restricted access. Once our statute of limitations expires all data is shredded and properly disposed of ensuring that your data and information is safe and confidential at all times.

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Kathie Inman
Client Services
Your primary contact for new work inquiries, the status of in-process laboratory services, and analytical reports.

Petra Hartmann
Director, Drug Testing Services
Your primary contact for Performance Animal related inquiries.

Joanne Compton
Manager, Quality Assurance

Lisle Goeldner

Seth Wong


Price sheets are available by contacting our Customer Service representative, Kathie Inman ( The price sheet provides a comprehensive list of analytical support services at competitive prices. Due to our constantly evolving industry please contact our office if a service of interest is not listed.


At Industrial Laboratories we will make every effort to accommodate your testing schedule. If rush service is necessary, please call us in advance and we will schedule your service accordingly to accommodate your company needs. Additional rush charges will be assessed.


Premiums and/or increased turnaround time may apply for analyses of unusual or difficult matrices. Due to the precision instrumentation used in analytical testing each instrument is calibrated prior to analysis of each sample. The most accurate results are obtained when calibration is completed to a predetermined range dependant on the material and the anticipated marker compound levels. When sample concentrations are outside of this range the samples must be re-prepared and re-analyzed using an alternate range. Marker compound range is expected with each sample submission. If range finding is necessary the client may incur additional expense and turnaround time will be increased. The client will be contracted prior to proceeding.


When submitting a sample for analysis, please complete a Chain of Custody Form (COC), which can be found under “test forms.” Failure to submit a properly completed Chain of Custody could result in a delay of sample processing and/or analysis. On the Chain of Custody, you will be asked to provide us with the following information:

  • Name of contact persons: Your results at IL are strictly confidential and results will be released to your list of contacts only.
  • General Contact Information: Address, phone, and fax number, email.
  • Hard copies of analytical results are mailed upon completion, unless otherwise indicated. Additionally, results may be phoned, faxed, or emailed. For your convenience, please list the preferred method to obtain your results on your Chain of Custody.
  • Sample description: a lot number or sample number and a physical description.
  • List of requested analyses: List the analyses and the anticipated range of the marker compound. If range finding is necessary additional costs maybe incurred and standard lead times will not apply. See section on "difficult matrices and marker compound range.”


After the completion of analysis and reporting of results, the remainder of your sample will be retained for 15 days, at which time it will be disposed of. If you would like any remaining product returned to you please indicate your request at the time of sample submission. Due to regulatory concerns hazardous samples will be returned to the client.


All new clients are required to pay at the time of service. Industrial Laboratories accepts Cash, Check, or Credit Card. Results will be held and not released until payment has been received. For recurring clients, Industrial Labs offers credit terms. Standard terms are Net 30 days from the date of invoice. If you would like to establish credit terms, a Credit Application should be submitted with the Chain of Custody, unless other arrangements have been made. Once our accounting department has established your account we will be happy to invoice you for laboratory services. The Industrial Laboratories reserves the right to amend credit terms at any time without prior notice.


To establish an account, fill out the Credit Application Form (by clicking below or find it under the Testing Forms section of our web page). Our accounting department is happy to help you in establishing a new account. Until an account is established prepayment will be required. You may complete this form on line and then print it on your own printer Or You may save it to your computer and forward the completed document to us.

Credit Application Form

Please Complete the Credit Form and return it to Industrial Laboratories so we can get started on your account.