The Industrial Laboratories Company began business in 1945 as a food-testing laboratory for a baking products company (RustCo) located in Denver, Colorado. Over the last sixty five years, the laboratory has expanded its expertise in food testing as well as into new areas of business.

In 1953 IL opened its Drug Testing department to service The Colorado Division of Racing. These analytical methods were originally applied to Horses and Greyhounds, but are now also applied to livestock and to sport supplements.

In 1994 IL was instrumental in founding the Institute for Nutraceutical Advancement (INA), the first set of standardized test methods for the Nutraceutical Industry.

In 2002 we partnered with several meat and ground beef companies to combat food borne pathogens - specifically e.coli 0157:h7 and salmonella.

Industrial Labs has long established itself as one of the leaders in the fields of performance animal testing, food testing, microbiological analyses, and dietary supplement testing. We continuously seek to apply our expertise and capabilities in an effort to promote new services and technologies.